Why you need a back up partner for your business?

We are a small trading company, surprised? Yes, we are small, Walmart /Costco /Kmart etc are no our clients.

When you explore a new product or have a new purchasing plan, start to do research.

You will experience as below situation.

1.Open Google, B to B marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba floods.

Hard find useful information.

2.Open Alibaba, find thousand of similar products(in design, package, price etc) ,We are one of them.

3.Analyze them, Most of them said:

(1)Professional factory with 1000-3000m,50-200 staffs, 10-20 engineers, 30 new machines etc.

(2).OEM, ODM ,free samples, pictures, shipping available, with good after sales service, good quality products and 7*24 response.

Who works 24hours?Said was equal to had no said.

4.Start to communicate the products needed

May get following:

  •  A universal quotation with full product catalog dazzled you.Can’t impress anything after check, even you don’t know what they said with some industry word.
  • Thousand questions comes, how many quantities, styles, you need, when you confirm order.
  • After first round checking
  • Sales will keep rushing when order confirmed.
  • when will arrange payment to proceed.

So, you never experienced the effective communications with new Chinese suppliers.

We are in same situation and happens every day, even we are local company and speak same language.

Buyers are never easy to pick up suitable supplier and products.

So what we do?-small trading company, how we survive?

1.Plenty of long-term cooperated suppliers in consumer electronics industry.

To make sure client easy links to the needed products.

Main products: phone, tablets, watch, earphone accessories in cases, tempered glass, decorations, cables, chargers, gimbal etc.

  • Focus on every clients special need, help client’s solve problem.

Our prologue always:If we work together in the future, what is the most important thing you expect us bring to the table?


  • According to client’s need(client’s type- wholesales, brand, online sales, amazon, retails shops etc ), and local market, offer reasonable advice in products. (styles, package, shipping, price, quantities, etc)
  • offer practical case analyze market, forecast industry news.
  • Core advantage, 12 years experienced sales manager direct follow you.


  • price are no cheaper than direct factory.
  • Huge orders like one million dollars a time, can’t afford it,We will never say, our products quality best, never have any problems and all matters
  • For mature buyer and sales, we know once the order start to produce, the problems come out, the most important, we will keep communicating with clients to solve it.Long term business needs win-win, you can’ t have your cake and eat it.

Yes, we are small trading ,face same troubles with you when buying.

Keep solving problems and regard us as your local purchasing agent.

With us, simply trade process, safe, speedy.

Special and honest introduction by Lulu 12 years experienced ,

sales and product manager-honest, professional, mature

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