We source quality products from the reliable cooperated suppliers.

1. Negotiating the best prices.
Our purchasing department negotiate prices direct with the manufacturer. Because they are experienced professionals and we have many similar patterns to work with them,they can often negotiate better prices than someone buy it separately.

2. Working with the right factories.
Some factories have outdated equipment and shoddy quality control processes, after about 10 year’s experience in this field, we are familiar with some unqualified factories and avoid working with them.

3. Our relationships.
In China “who you know” often determines whether you succeed or fail in business. This concept is so much a part of the Chinese business culture that have a name for it: guanxi. Guanxi(relationships) takes years of hard work, knowledge of the culture, deeply cooperation and patience to develop and it’s critical to do business. We’ve built our Guanxi with many factories on honesty, hard work and trust.

4. Speed.
Our purchasing department find right factory in days or a few days, where it would take a first time buyer many months and many

5.Our Experience.
With 10years of experience sourcing from different factories and know the pitfalls to avoid. Our experience means competitive prices, faster response times and better suppliers. Should you receive some defective parts (although we take many steps to avoid this) we also know how to get the problem resolved and be responsible for it.

6.Helping you with the import process.
We’ll walk you through the complete process of importing from China. It’s simple once you know the procedures involved.

7.We are your instant overseas purchasing team, which allows you to focus more of your time on doing the things that grow your business, such as sales and marketing. Your business will have a greater chance for success if you can spend less time on purchasing and more on the lifeblood of your business—your customers.

For all payments, we offer company bank account, no use private account
With legal business license
Pass the SGS test report.
With visual video updates keep clients knowing the order processing.
With Alibaba endorsement, pass the SGS test report (which is largest B TO B marketplace in China).


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