Johnson Zhang started up E-GOCASE in 2013, phonecasestation.com is one of website for product displayed.

when employed as the international logistic company sales manager, he worked with many vendors and help them shipped goods by air and sea every day.

He found the great potential market for phone accessories, the shipments grow rapidly since 2010 after Apple Inc released iPhone 4, he is right with great visions until today, the iPhone generation from iPhone 4 to iPhone 13, soon will launch iPhone 14 and at the same time, people’s life can be without children, parents and friends but can’t without phone, phone accessories still in huge demand.

Johnson left the company in 2010, and started the career purchasing manager at a trading company in this industry.Learned the professional knowledge for phone accessories, with products for phone/tablet cases, tempered glass, headset, cable, etc. Accumulated many experienced vendors.

After 3 years worked as buyer in this industry, he started to set up trading company,help overseas clients sourcing,as phone accessories are in various range,each single product was produced in specific factory, which clients always need not a single product, most them need combine and sell set, when final clients go in a shop,they will not only buy phone case, may pick up tempered glass, headsets, cable, etc.
In this way, trading companies are more able to meet clients’ need, business grows up rapidly, and at the same time, more and more competitors step into this field.
He has been in this industry for about 10 years and has faced many challenges, including factories canceling orders, halting productions, and quality issues with products, printing, packaging, and lost or damaged shipments. Company didn’t expand big scale but value each customer, he took responsibility to solve each problem one by one.
He enjoys helping clients successfully bring needed products to market and keep update them with trending items as rich experienced in this field.
No matter how many competitors appear, John strives to make integrity the foundation of his business. E-GOCASE was run by a man who loved this industry, insisted on a small, beautiful company that would fulfill each order smoothly, keep his word, and be sure that every client chosen would be valued.

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